60,000 GTT customers to be given option of receiving E-Bills from next year

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana

As GTT continues to realise its mission of being a 21st-century customer-centric organisation, the company has announced the move to send detailed bills for landline, DSL, and Fibre service via email, Whatsapp, and MyGTT by January 2022.

GTT has said it aims to provide billing and communications services in a secure, convenient, and eco-friendly manner.

Until the end of December 2021, GTT will be contacting over 60,000 customers that are currently receiving their bills by post. These customers will be given the option to receive their bills electronically, or to continue receiving them via mail.

Landline customers who also have Fibre or DSL services and receive an email bill already will receive their bill for the landline services by both e-mail and post up to December 2021. They will then receive their detailed landline bill via e-mail after this date, unless they opt to continue to receive their bill by post.

Customers who have landline-only services with the company will receive an additional form on which to indicate their desire to receive a detailed bill by post. GTT will be facilitating the return postage of these forms free of charge. Customers can also request detailed paper bills by calling 0488 or visiting www.gtt.co.gy.

Customers can also visit any of GTT’s retail stores to make the request. These detailed bills requested by customers would be presented to customers free of charge.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Public Utilities Commission (PUC), Dela Britton, has commended the initiative taken by GTT to explore new options for consumers as those relate to the disbursement of detailed bills in a user-friendly format, and in keeping with the requirements of the Consumer Protection Regulations of the Telecommunications Act 2016.

The Commission said it recognises that GTT must embrace the use of technology to provide efficient service, but, at the same time, is mindful that consumers must receive complete, detailed information regarding their bills, whether by post or electronically. The PUC underscored the importance of accurate, verifiable, sufficient information, free of charge and via an optional medium for consumers.

GTT CEO Damian Blackburn has said, “Our company is committed to achieving its mission to be a 21st-century customer-centric organisation. We believe this process will result in the delivery of bills to customers in a secure, convenient, and eco-friendly manner. We are also aware that there are customers who would prefer to receive their detailed bill by post, and we will be meeting the needs of these customers, as required by the PUC.”

Blackburn highlighted that education about billing alternatives and awareness is key to the adoption of safer, more convenient, and eco-friendly communication to bridge the digital divide. GTT has since assured that it would be working closely with the PUC to ensure the needs of its customers are met.