58.7% of adults fully vaccinated against Covid

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana

Health Minister Dr Frank Anthony during a Covid-19 vaccination drive in the country

A significant number of adults in the country remain only partially-vaccinated against the novel coronavirus even as many persons are taking a third jab of the vaccine.

To date, 58.7% of adults are fully vaccinated against the life-threatening virus, representing a total of 301,058 individuals. In contrast, 414,932 persons or 80.9% of adults have taken a first dose of the vaccine.

The total number of booster doses administered to date is 18,982.

When it comes to the children population, that is, children aged 12-17, a total of 22,141 or 34.4% are fully inoculated while 31,203 or 42.8% have received a first dose.

Meanwhile, Health Minister Dr Frank Anthony, during today’s update on the situation in Guyana, revealed that there is a special task force established that is monitoring patients with long Covid.

He noted that most patients who have developed long term Covid were persons who were infected with the Delta variant.

With the Omicron variant currently circulating in Guyana, he said authorities are monitoring to see how many persons have developed post-Covid symptoms from this strain of the virus.

“Persons who have been infected with the Delta variant seem to have a wide array of symptoms because Delta affected many organs and persons who would’ve had those types of infections would continue even after discharge with getting some of these symptoms. For example, some people complain that they are having constant headaches, they are having what is called brain fog, meaning sometimes in the midst of conversation they forget what they were talking about and things like that but a lot of these things have been associated more with Delta,” he said.

“Because Omicron is so new, we’re not sure what the outcome might be in terms of long Covid. It has just been from the 24th of November when the first cases were talked about to now. That’s a relatively short period of time, but we’ll continue to monitor to see whether or not people infected with Omicron, whether they’ll be presenting with symptoms of long Covid,” the Health Minister added.