57th Independence Day Messages

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana


The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) extends greetings to all Guyanese, both here and in the Diaspora on the occasion of Guyana’s 57th independence anniversary.

The 57 years since the Golden Arrowhead was first hoisted in May 1966, was not without its challenges. Our nation and its people were tested at various points, but on every occasion, despite the severity of what confronted us, our resilience and indomitable will to rise to those challenges and forge ahead, prevailed.

Once again, we are challenged as a people to be brave in the face of tragedy following the death of 19 innocent souls in the devastating fire at Mahdia. We join all of Guyana and the rest of the world in mourning this tragic loss and express our condolences to the affected families.

We also pray for a speedy recovery for all those who remain hospitalised and pledge our full support at ensuring no effort is spared towards this end.

As our nation struggles to come to grips with the enormity of the moment, it is especially important that as Guyanese we uplift each other, and offer hope and support.

In observing another milestone in our independence, our Party urges reflection on the valiant efforts of those who made untold sacrifices during the struggles for self-rule. Those sacrifices must continue to be valued and remain a source to imbue us all with pride and patriotism.

We must also remain cognizant of our nation’s vast potential which, through prudent management, can create the brighter future we all desire. Let us continue to remain hopeful so that our challenges can be overcome.

Happy Independence to all Guyanese!



Today, on the 57th anniversary of our country’s independence, we wish we could say Happy Independence Day to our fellow Guyanese. Unfortunately, recent crises and tragedies have filled our collective and individual hearts with anxieties, fears, and anguish.

We have reached another potential turning point in our country’s trajectory where citizens are again unified in rejecting the failures in our country’s governance and are demanding a government that is competent and caring, and one which accepts that it exists solely to serve the people.

We mark this 57th Independence Anniversary with greater national unhappiness and self-doubt and with diminishing national self-esteem and pride. We, as a people, today recognize more than ever that massive oil wealth means little if our government lacks competence, empathy, and compassion – if it cannot connect to our struggles, frustrations, and despair.

As a Party, we firmly believe Guyana can and must do better. We have built our vision on our conviction that prosperity can be guaranteed to all citizens, that good governance can prevail, and that national happiness and self-confidence can abound.

But these transformations will not occur automatically. They must be envisioned, planned, and implemented with zeal for the benefit of all persons. As the national crisis deepens, citizens must, more than before, use their voices and their votes to demand and get the changes they desire and deserve for their families, communities, and country.

On this Independence Anniversary, therefore, it is fitting to wish all our fellow Guyanese a better future. We pledge to work on your behalf towards achieving it.



The Chairman, Commissioners and staff of the Ethnic Relations Commission, (ERC), shares the grief the Guyanese nation is experiencing as a result of the Mahdia Dormitory fire and at this time of our country’s 57th Independence Anniversary.

Following the loss that night, families, Mahdia, neighbouring communities and our country are deprived of 19 of its very young, bringing unimaginable pain and grief.

Cognizant of the tragedy, the ERC is pleased that the traditional celebrations associated with Independence have been redesigned to a night of reflection in keeping with the somber atmosphere that has engulfed the nation.

The Commission is encouraged by the signs of compassion, maturity and spirit of brotherhood displayed by all during this horrific tragedy.

The ERC wishes to also recognize and commend the show of unity and outpouring of support that manifested through expressions of empathy demonstrated by concerned citizens from all sides demonstrating that, as a nation, we can unite for a common cause.

The Commission reiterates on this Independence Anniversary that its prayers are with the grieving families and friends who are currently suffering unimaginable trauma from their recent loss.

Let’s embrace solemnly this Independence Anniversary in peace and hope!


A time for reflection – GAWU’s Independence Day message 2023

The Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU) extends warm wishes to all Guyanese at home and abroad on the occasion of our country’s fifty-seventh (57th) Independence anniversary. The shedding of our colonial chains now nearly six decades ago marked a monumental achievement for our country and its people. Moving from one colonizer to the next over several centuries contextualizes the significance of independence.

We of the GAWU recollect that the struggle for political freedom began in earnest following the silent pledge of Dr Cheddi Jagan as he witnessed the outpouring of grief at the funeral of the Enmore Martyrs. That struggle ignited that consciousness of the Guyanese people to secure their self-determination and to be released from the bondages of colonialism. We believe as we observe Independence Day, we must pay tribute to all those who advanced the struggle for independence and an end of colonialism in Guyana.

Our observances this year are subdued as we still reel from the tragedy at Mahdia a few days ago. The GAWU and its thousands of members across the country are saddened by the tragic loss of nineteen (19) young Guyanese. Our prayers and thoughts are with the family, friends, and the communities as this trying time. We pray for their strength and solace in this difficult period and offer our fullest solidarity.

Though the times are certainly difficult we are heartened by the collective response of the Guyanese people. The outpouring of support from all corners of the country is yet another reminder that despite our differences we stand together in support of each other in times of difficulty and challenge. As we celebrate our independence, we take heart that our people remain united and together. We must lament too those who, at this difficult time, have sought to pursue divisiveness, undoubtedly towards narrow selfish ends. At time of tragedy there is need to put petty partisan behaviour aside as we seek as a country and people to heal.

The GAWU remains proud of our independence and looks forward to upward and greater development in the coming times. Indeed, we remain in exciting times, but we need to assure that the boats of all Guyanese rise together and equitably. As we reflect on the journey leading up to independence and after an enduring message remains that as One Guyana we can overcome any challenge, succeed in difficult times and attain new and higher goals.

Happy Independence Day from GAWU!


Message from Mr. Patrick M. Yarde, President/CEO of GPSU on Guyana’s 57th Independence Anniversary:

Happy fifty-seventh Independence Anniversary, Guyana. As a people, it is our desire to improve the quality of our lives and our relationships with each other. This was manifested in the National Motto of unanimous consent, “One People, One Nation, One Destiny”.

But over these post-independence years, the real fruits or true value of our labours still seem beyond our mortal reach. The absence of a living wage, evenhandedness and real employment opportunities are stumbling blocks to betterment, coupled with the cost-of-living juggernaut that is relentless and unforgiving…

The Guyana Public Service Union (GPSU) has for decades reminded Governments of the need to have a national policy on wages and salaries and for the minimum wage to be upwardly reviewed… On the discovery of oil, one would have thought that the opportunity would have been seized to rectify the age-old imbalances in wages, salaries and allowances in order to create a new era for the working class, but this proved to be nothing more than wishful thinking…

On this point, President Ali was quoted in a Guyana Chronicle report of February 21, 2023, as uttering the following words during an engagement with Guyanese in The Commonwealth of the Bahamas, viz: “And that is what I’ve been working on; creating this ‘One Guyana’ in which we build a system that delivers prosperity for every single Guyanese and every single Guyanese family.” “This, for me, is the important project, changing the mindset, changing the way we relate to each other, community by community, household by household. And I assure you I will not rest until this country is unified.”

The GPSU, because of its interests in national unity, as a necessary basis of national development and the harmonious existence of Guyanese with each other, had always advocated that Government should take the lead towards bridging the racial divide. As such, the GPSU dispatched a letter to President Ali on March 2, 2023 indicating its willingness to partner with him “…. on the journey towards the achievement of National Unity…”

The discovery of oil on our shores, heralded a new era, where there was much expectation from the people of higher standards of living… An investment in oil and gas training and other spin-offs may create opportunities for employment of citizens within oil and gas undertakings and also stem the migration of jobless citizens to other countries.

As an independent nation, Guyanese need to stand together in defense of its patrimony and demand that persons elected to serve as leaders deliver to the expectations of the people…

I therefore call upon the people, irrespective of individual political beliefs and persuasions, imbue new Country oriented mindsets. Summon the strength and independence to stand for what is just and right. Our minds must dispel all things that threaten harmony and/or strive to make the achievement of the virtues of our national motto, a myth. As a priority, the law-abiding citizens of Guyana must stand in defense of each other, recognizing that power resides in the people. It is only with such unity that positive development can be achieved in Guyana for the benefit of all and to achieve the timely emergence as either “El Dorado” or “Dubai of the Caribbean”.

Therefore, with the expectation of a unified stance in favour of rooting out systemic corruption and piloting Guyana on a correct course as an independent nation, I would like to extend best wishes on the occasion of the 57th Independence Anniversary to all Guyanese, on behalf of the Executive Council, Members, and Staff of the GPSU, and myself and my family. Together we must aspire to achieve a bright future, working and living together in love, unity and harmony.