50 Cent Takes Aim At T.I.’s Wife Tiny Harris With ‘The Jeffersons’ Meme

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

50 Cent says he’s changing for the new year and will be positive and stop bullying others on social media. However, it seems that might apply to Diddy only as he’s turned his attention from the Bad Boy mogul and is now trolling rapper T.I. and his wife, Tiny Harris.

Urban Islandz reported earlier this week that a woman under the Jane Doe moniker had filed a lawsuit alleging that she was sexually assaulted by the “Live Your Life” artiste. According to the woman, a man claiming to be working for the Harris couple invited her to the club.

After the club, she went to a hotel they were staying at, where she claimed that she realized she was allegedly drugged, and she was later assaulted by the rapper who placed his toe in her vagina.

On Saturday, 50 Cent posted a video that superimposed Tiny’s face onto what would be actor Sherman Hemsley’s face while Isabel Sanford’s face was behind hers. The song intro to the Jefferson’s accompanies the post. Tiny’s face also has a mustache, and her hairline is edited to resemble Hemsley’s character on the show.

“I absolutely do not know why this made me laugh; considering my positive change, I would like to encourage the person who did this to stop,” 50 Cent wrote.

The photo of Tiny without makeup seems to be from an Instagram Live video from earlier this week when T.I. turned the camera on her unsuspectingly. The Xscape singer had no makeup, and her appearance was normal. However, many reacted to her without makeup, with some calling her unattractive.

Others also reacted to 50 Cent’s post, calling him out for bullying her while he has a problem with her husband.

“Don’t like how y’all doing Tiny she is such a sweet person in real life!” one person wrote. Another said, “Everyone who is doing this definitely needs to stop. She is someone’s mother and wife.”

“This is one person that I do not understand why people hate her so much and Dog hurts so bad she totally keeps to herself stays on her grind loves her children. She just doesn’t deserve this,” another wrote.

50 Cent and T.I. previously had a social media spat but the true origins of their beef is unknown. Some folks believed that T.I.’s close friendship with Jeezy bothers Fifty who has never been shy about his disdain for.