5-Y-O girl to undergo surgery to remove bullet lodged in her throat

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana

Police in Regional Police Division Ten (Upper Demerara-Berbice) are investigating an alleged incident involving a five-year-old child of Lot 218 Half Mile, Wismar Linden, which occurred at about 22:00hrs last night at the said address.

At around 13:15hrs today, medical personnel from the Linden Hospital complex reported that a child was at the medical institution with a ‘warhead lodged in her throat’. As such, detectives immediately visited the five-year-old child who was receiving medical attention in the Emergency Room at the Linden Hospital.

The child’s mother, Terriann Caesar, a 29-year-old unemployed woman of Lot 218 Half Mile, Wismar Linden, was also contacted by detectives and interviewed.

According to Terriann, at about 22:00hrs last night, she put her daughter to bed and while she was trying to put her eight-month-old baby to sleep, she heard the child screaming.

She went to her daughter and enquired what was wrong and the child said that she had hit her throat. Terriann applied ‘Petroleum jelly’ to the child’s throat and put her back to sleep.

The woman said that around 08:00hrs today, she saw her five-year-old daughter crying, so she examined her throat and saw that it was swollen. She then took her child to the Mackenzie Hospital, where she learnt that a bullet was lodged in the victim’s neck.

The victim was admitted and is due to undergo surgery to remove the bullet (warhead).

Investigations revealed that the victim resides in an apartment, which is on the northern/eastern bottom flat of a two-storey concrete structure. The apartment has one bedroom, a kitchen and a small living room. There is a wooden wall to the western side, which separates Terriann’s apartment from the front apartment, which is occupied by a male by the name of “Shemar”.

A small circular hole was seen on the said wall, suspected to be a bullet hole. The entire scene was processed and photographed. The area was searched, but no spent shell was found. No one was present in the front apartment when the Police checked.

A “small entry” was also observed on the child’s neck.

Meanwhile, persons in the area were questioned and one neighbour claimed that sometime around 22:00hrs she heard a loud explosion, but she could not say from which direction the sound had emerged. However, just after hearing the explosion, she heard the voice of a little child crying.

Checks are currently being made to locate “Shemar”, as investigations continue.