3 teenage boys shot dead in D’Abadie, 2 men also killed in separate incidents

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The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Crime scene investigators at the scene where three boys were killed at Boys Lane, D’Abadie on Sunday. – Angelo Marcelle

THREE teenage boys were among five people shot dead on Sunday in three separate incidents.

Gunmen stormed in and opened fire on a small group of children at a house in Boy’s Lane, D’Abadie, killing brothers Andre Singh, 16, and Jamal Hackshaw, 19, and their cousin Keron Modoo, 19, just after 5 pm. Modoo was a twin.

As police processed the scene, neighbours expressed shock over the incident and said the murders have rocked the community. One woman said she had to take cover when she spotted the masked gunmen walking past her home and through the open yard to get to their targets.

“I see a tall one with a hoodie and ski mask, with this big machine gun, walking through the yard. I pull back inside. Imagine I just move here and I saw them fellas playing football in the yard. This is something else yes.”

Through mild sobs, another woman was heard shouting, “How they go do them that? How?”

A relative told Newsday one child escaped unharmed.

“We were liming lower down the road when we hear the gunshots and we run up. We found all of them gone. The relatives don’t want to talk right now because when we found them we covered their bodies and were waiting for the police. Now, we see pictures of them all over the internet.”

Crowds gathered at the back and front area of the murder scene.

Another woman, who said she is the brothers’ godmother, described the situation as sad.

“The two they killed outside are the brothers and the next one by the fence is the other sister child. I and all want to know why someone would do this. They like movies and playing football. I cannot answer that question.”

She said the boys were always happy and enjoyed spending time with each other. She said this is the first time members of the family are victims of gun violence.

Four years ago, police responded to a murder in the same area. Two men were killed and another two wounded after unknown gunmen shot at them in Boy’s Lane.

On August 8, 2018, Timmy Ragopaul, 26, and Alika Scipio, 25, were speaking to a woman and her 15-year-old daughter inside their vehicle when they were shot at.

Ragopaul and Scipio died at the scene while the woman and her daughter were wounded. Police believed this shooting may have been in connection with the murder of 33-year-old Dane Hazarie a month before.

Also on Sunday, in two separate incidents, Juma Aberdeen and Marvin Prescott, both 27 years old, were shot and killed.

Juma Aberdeen, shot dead at Enterprise, Chaguanas. –

Both men were declared dead at the scene, and their bodies were ordered taken to the Forensic Science Centre for autopsies.

Kelly Village, Caroni, residents reported hearing gunshots at Palm Drive, Caroni South Bank Road, around 9.15 am. When police arrived they found Prescott face down on the southern side of the roadway bleeding from gunshot wounds. He was declared dead at the scene.

Aberdeen was shot dead around midday at Lamont Street, Enterprise, Chaguanas. Police said a resident heard gunshots in her yard, and on checking found Aberdeen unresponsive. He was shot multiple times.

Police recovered 22 9mm shell casings from the scene.

Investigations into the murders are ongoing.