3 Guyanese arrested in Suriname for drug-trafficking, robbery

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana
The Guyanese individuals who were arrested (Photo: Waterkant news)

Three Guyanese individuals – two men and a woman – have been apprehended by Suriname’s Eastern Region Shock Group in separate incidents across the Commewijne district on Thursday.

According to reports from the Dutch-speaking country, coordinated efforts have led to significant breakthroughs in combatting various criminal activities in the country.

In the first case, a Guyanese female suspect was taken into custody during a targeted drug raid in Nieuw Amsterdam, Suriname. Police officials reported discovering a quantity of drugs in her possession, marking this apprehension a recurrence of her involvement in drug-related activities, as she had been detained last year on similar charges.

In the second incident, the arrest of an individual sporting a blue Polo shirt unfolded during an anti-drug operation in Lust-en-Rust, Commewijne. This male Guyanese suspect was found in possession of both cocaine and ‘crack’, along with a substantial amount of Surinamese currency (SRD).

The third arrest targeted another Guyanese male suspect who had been implicated in a robbery case. Following actionable intelligence, law enforcement officers in Suriname apprehended him in Meerzorg.

This individual, who had been evading capture for an extended period, is suspected to have been involved in the 2023 robbery of The Scorpion bar in Suriname.

The two drug-related suspects have been transferred to the Nieuw Amsterdam Police station for arraignment, while the robbery suspect has been handed over to the East Region Criminal Investigation Department for further legal proceedings.