1 injured after car collides with electric bike in East Canje

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana

Fifty-seven-year-old Bibi Razac, who was riding an electric bike along the Sheet Anchor Public Road, East Canje, Berbice, is now injured after her vehicle collided with a motorcar driven by a 42-year-old man.

The accident occurred at around 15:45h on Wednesday.

Reports are that the motorcar was proceeding west on the southern drive lane at a normal rate of speed when, it is alleged by the driver, that he put on his left turning signal.

Whilst in the process of turning, the driver alleged that the rider of electric bike turned into his path, causing the two vehicles to collide.

As a result of the collision, the woman fell onto the road surface where she received injuries about her body. She was picked up in a conscious condition by the driver and taken to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital where she was treated for a fractured left wrist and fractured right foot. The woman was admitted a patient at the institution.

Investigations are ongoing.