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Avoiding The Hotel Horrors In South America And The Caribbean

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Mon. Mar. 12, 2018: Life is full of tricky decisions but one of the most pleasurable has to be choosing a hotel. There are all sorts of horror stories lurking on the web about hotels from hell and totally ruined vacations, so we thought we’d lend a helping hand to anyone currently trying to plan the perfect get-away. We’ve come up with a few favourites to help you avoid the horrors and relax in style if you’re thinking of heading to Latin America or the Caribbean sometime soon….

Hotel Casa San Agustin

In Cartagena, Colombia this hotel is the place to head to for a great stay. One of the best things about it is the décor, which gives you a taste of history while retaining all the comfort and convenience everyone expects from a hotel in 2018. In particular the beds are exquisite, with four posters and sumptuous mattresses that really help you to get the recuperative sleep you want from a holiday. Incidentally, if you just can’t wait for your next break then you can bring a little taste of this luxury into your everyday life with a super king size mattress from Bedstar.

Hotel Rita Hoppner

Over in Brazil, this hotel in Gramado is just incredible. Check out the virtual tour for a little taste of what’s on offer here. As well as more to-die-for king size beds and beautiful rooms, there’s free access to the rather novel Mini Mundo Park. This is a fascinating park containing some very impressive models of great buildings such as Neuschwanstein Castle. There’s also a very fine restaurant which specialises in beautiful German cuisine.

Eden Rock – St Barths

If you’re heading to the Caribbean then Eden Rock in St Barths is somewhere well worth a stay. Conforming to the archetypal island paradise, this hotel is set right by the sea with a view that is out of this world and a sandy beach that’s sheer perfection.  With such a setting the hotel doesn’t need to do much to create a good time for its guests, but it goes all out nonetheless, with rooms and villas to suit all tastes. And speaking of taste the food here is just as heavenly as everything else, with world-renowned chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten behind the menus at the Sand Bar and On the Rocks restaurant.

Rockhouse Hotel

Finally this place in Negril, Jamaica is a really special hotel. It boasts that it is “casually chic”, and for once the marketing spiel is spot on! Comprised of a series of little rooms and villas so close to the sea that you could pretty much roll out of bed right into your morning swim if you felt so inclined, this is an absolute dream venue. With a spa for all your holiday pampering and then some fantastic seafood and grill options for those sunset dinners by the sea, the Rockhouse Hotel is a hotel like no other.

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